travel AVAILABILITY: Within los angeles and surrounding areas

     Graduated with a BA in Digital Filmmaking from The Art Institute of Tucson. María is a multidisciplinary filmmaker specialized in Cinematography. With experience working in film shoots, television and live events, María is confident in her use of this art medium but her eagerness to learn doesn't stop there. She worked as a camera operator, producer and editor for a TV station in her hometown in Mexico.

She currently pursues an MFA in Cinematography at the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles, and works as a freelancer cinematographer and camera department. 

María is a native of Mexico, which makes her fluent in Spanish. She also speaks English fluently and speaks German at a conversational level.

Her traveler nature has given her the opportunity to quickly adapt to new environments, to learn and explore new cultures as she enriched her filmmaking knowledge in places like the UK, Germany, Japan and the US.